Now Available! Lowbrow Reader #7!

Published in the summer of 2009, Lowbrow Reader #7 sets out to rediscover Gilbert Rogin — the great lost humor novelist hailed by John Updike, Joyce Carol Oates and Larry McMurtry as one of the best writers of his generation. The issue features a sharp assessment of Rogin’s work by Jay Jennings, as well as “My Masterpieces”, Rogin’s first story to be published since 1980. (His previous work mostly appeared in the New Yorker – a bit of a step down from the Lowbrow Reader, in our opinion.) Lowbrow #7 also features poetry by Shelley Berman (about his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm), a cartoon by David Berman (no relation), Magic Whistle‘s Sam Henderson on his favorite overlooked film comedies, and editorials about Don Rickles and John Mulaney. And how much will this set you back? A measly $3.