…from The New York Times

Dwight Garner’s New York Times ArtsBeat piece

…for The Lowbrow Reader Reader 

Afflictor (“If the New Yorker and Mad magazine had really bad and degrading sex, the resulting offspring might look a lot like the Lowbrow Reader.“)

Blurt Magazine (Contribution to Blurt’s “The Most Fucked Up Thing I’ve Ever Seen” series—plus, an interview in Blurt #12)

Bomb Magazine (Neil Michael Hagerty vs. Jay Ruttenberg Q&A)

Bookforum (Jay Ruttenberg on funny novels)

Broken Pencil (“A carefully compiled evaluation of popular culture and a tribute to its more nasty bits.”)

Brooklyn Zine Fest (Q&A)

Campus Circle (“Grade: A”)

Capital New York (“As the comedy canon becomes haphazardly codified by the Internet hordes, it’s nice to have the somewhat old-fashioned Lowbrow Reader as a standard bearer.”)

The Chicago Tribune (Q&A)

Death+Taxes (Video interview)

Entertainment Weekly (“The Must List”)

Flaunt Magazine (Q&A)

Heeb (“This book is genius in its analysis of all things non-genius.”)

Hipster Jew (“As a fan of early Adam Sandler’s work, I couldn’t help but think ‘fuck yeah!’”)

IndieReader (Drag City Books and The Lowbrow Reader Reader)

Jezebel (Excerpt of Margeaux Rawson’s “The Queens of Comedy on the Commandments of Sex”)

The New York Times Book Review (Back Page essay by Lowbrow editor Jay Ruttenberg)

Oklahoma Gazette (“A thoroughly satisfying collection with such a high re-readability factor, it’s earning a permanent space on my shelf.”)

Philosophers Guild (Q&A)

Popshifter (“If there is an audio version of [the Queens of Comedy] interview, I’d use it as a lullaby to rock myself to sleep to every weeknight.”)

The Spec Blog (“Fitting for the coffee table of any modern household.”)

Splitsider (“The publication…would also seek to hit back at a certain type of uptight, curmudgeonly newspaper reviewer—those crusty old men who exited Chris Farley movies shaking their heads in disgust and muttering about the decline of civilization.”)

St. Augustine Record (“Reading The Lowbrow Reader Reader in its entirety is like achieving adolescent enlightenment.”)

Time Out Chicago (“Somehow manages to be analytical, cerebral, and damn near academic, without ever sacrificing its own funniness.”)

TrendEngel (“Jetzt gibt es den Lowbrow Reader Reader, das ultimative Toilet Book brandneu zu haben.”)

Utne Reader (Lowbrow editor Jay Ruttenberg on Ten Great Contemporary Zines)

Vice Portugal (“Sim, The Lowbrow Reader, a zine editada por Jay Ruttenberg, é de facto “uma cena do ego” e existe, essencialmente, para celebrar tópicos tão desajustados como o Chevy Chase, o Ol’ Dirty Bastard, os Três Trapalhões, os White Stripes e revistas humorísticas que ninguém lê.”)

Vol. 1 Brooklyn (“What is especially wonderful about the work in The Lowbrow Reader is its ignorance of a Hornby-esque book of rules. There’s no canon, really, just what makes some people laugh.”)

…for The Lowbrow Reader

Make Moves with John Hammond (Podcast interview)

Broken Pencil (review of issue #9)

The Thousands

HTML Giant


Broken Pencil


Comics Comics

Dusted Magazine

The Comics Journal

Broken Pencil


 …for The Lowbrow Reader Variety Hour

The Village Voice (2009, review)

Flavorpill (2009, review)

The New Yorker (2009, listing)

Photos by Jesse Chan-Norris (2009)

Assistant Blog (2010, with recordings)

The New York Times (2012, event listing—and a very nice mention here)

The New Yorker (2012, event listing)

The Silver Tongue (2012, Chicago)