Beyond the Duplex Planet

A few years back, it seemed as if every band on the planet was being trailed by a documentary film crew. Zine editors? Not so much! What gives, documentarians of America? But if there’s one homemade publication that deserves a movie to call its own, it is very clearly Duplex Planet. Born in Boston, in 1979, the magazine featured singular chats between its editor, David Greenberger, and the quirky and oftentimes funny souls residing in nursing homes. The brilliant little magazine spun out 187 issues and spouted a cottage industry that has extended to books, spoken-word albums, comics and more. (It even entered the Lowbrow Reader; a Duplex Planet excerpt appeared back in issue #8.)

Thrillingly, one such documentary is in the works. Beyond the Duplex Planet, by Beth Harrington, is nearing completion and looks like a winner. Check out a slice of the film here. Alas, movies aren’t made for free—dastardly money is needed. And we want to watch this movie!

Look, let’s be honest: Whatever holiday presents you are planning to buy your loved ones are likely to be losers. Why don’t you take some gift money and direct it in the way of this gestating film instead? Then, simply write a note to your five-year-old or your doorman or whomever, explaining that you are skipping their Christmas present this year to help fund the Duplex Planet movie. They will clearly thank you. It even appears to be tax deductible. (Your accountant will be happy, too; word is, he’s a Duplex Planet fan.)