Hess Is More’s CÆKE

The word of the year is, “CÆKE.” That’s right: “CÆKE!” Don’t ask us to explain what it means or, dear god, to pronounce it, but that’s the word soon to be passing through the lips, or at least the minds, of fashionable music fans worldwide. For “CÆKE” is the title of the new LP by the esteemed Copenhagen (jazz-damaged, avant-garde-inclined, electronic-pop) band Hess Is More. And this handsome record is due later this month on the chic Danish label Music for Dreams. To hear it will be to enjoy it—we promise!

After a series of smashing albums that found the band’s singer and drummer, Mikkel Hess, leading his finely tuned New York-based band, “CÆKE” brings Hess Is More back to its early days, featuring Hess performing mostly alone and in his native Denmark. It’s a charmed collection that will have you whistling its songs for years to come. Unless there is something wrong with you, of course. Then, we just can’t help you. Those in Denmark can catch the band on tour in May and June. But never fear, rest of the world! You can soon enjoy “CÆKE” from the comfort of your home, and on lovely pink vinyl, at that. (And hey! The LP features liner notes by Lowbrow editor Jay Ruttenberg.) Order it today, then wait nervously for your postman, day after day, until the record finally arrives later in the month. As the old saying goes: Sometimes, you get lucky!