Please Confirm

–Hi, this is Cathy from New York Dental. You are scheduled for a cleaning on Monday at 11:20. If you can call us back to confirm, it would be great!

–You have an appointment at New York Dental at 11:20am on Monday. Please text “1” to confirm your appointment.

–It’s Cathy at New York Dental. We’re looking forward to seeing you Monday morning for your dental cleaning. If you could please get back to confirm, it would be appreciated!

–Hi, it’s Mom. I just got a call from a woman who has been trying to reach you—I don’t know how she found me. Her name is Cathy, and she works at your dentist’s office. What a nice young lady. Would you believe that her father grew up in the same neighborhood as me? Anyways, she wanted to make sure that you confirm your appointment with the dentist on Monday. She said that you just need to call their office and press the “1” button. And maybe the pound key? I can’t remember, but I’m sure Cath can sort you out. Well, I hope the weather is better in New York than it is here. Dad says hello.

–You are scheduled for a dental cleaning on Monday at 11:20am. Because of advancements in artificial intelligence, in order to confirm your appointment, simply look into your phone and blink.

–LeMahieu goes down on strikes. And that will bring up Aaron Judge. Joining us now in the booth we have a special guest—Cathy, from New York Dental! Cathy, I believe you have an important message for Matthew Kurland about his dental cleaning on Monday morning?

Arggggh! Now listen up, Matthew Kurland, because I’m talking to you! It’s Mr. T! It’s a gorgeous day, the sun is shining, and I’m on this Cameo. Now hear me, Matthew Kurland, you need to do Mr. T a favor. It’s time to quit your jibba jabba and confirm your dental cleaning. You gotta keep those teeth clean, Matt, and you gotta confirm that appointment. Listen to Mr. T—call them today! Cathy and the gang will hook you up. Because I pity the fool who don’t confirm their dental cleaning, this Monday, at 11:20, at New York Dental!

– You are scheduled for a cleaning at New York Dental on Monday morning. In order to confirm the appointment, simply stand near a device equipped with A.I. technology and think of the word “yes.”

– Baruch atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu l’hadlik neir shel Shabbat. And now, I would like to take a brief moment to remind one of our congregants, Matthew Kurland, to confirm his appointment for a tooth cleaning. It is this coming Monday, at New York Dental.

– It’s me. Cathy. Good ol’ Cath. You know—your doormat. Why do you keep playing these games with me, Matt? It’s funny, life, isn’t it? Circling each other. The dance we do. Just be honest. Just, honest. I know it’s late. Maybe you consider three in the morning “inappropriate.” I’ve been drinking, okay? But why? Have you stopped to consider that? Just call back already, okay? Your appointment is Monday, at 11:20. Hey, you want to know a secret? Shhhhh! When we say “11:20,” it really means 11:30! Even if you rush and get here on time, you’re just going to sit in the waiting room for ten minutes! I can’t believe I told you this. Keep it between us, okay? Pleeeease. Now call back and confirm, alright?

–Good news! ChatGBT overheard you tell your wife that you have a dental cleaning this week. This confirms your appointment. We look forward to seeing you on Monday at 11:20am.

–Hi, this is Cathy at New York Dental. Unfortunately, the dentist is going to be in our Long Island office on Monday, so we’re going to have to reschedule your appointment. Please call us back to confirm.